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Things About The Road

And My Tiny home

Tight quarters, thunder storms and crappy food on the road., wow what a ride.  People have been asking', "where you been", "what have you been up to?" and "what's new?" and all I can say is wait for me to post it .  I know it's been long coming , however life is just pushing me swiftly along.  Well I do have pictures and some stories to go along with them.  First set of pictures will be showing off my tiny home.  When I say tiny, I really do mean tiny.  Basically I lived off the grid as there was no standard electricity, no running water, no bathroom, no real kitchen and no single spot to call an address.  Guess you can say it's more like a tiny, mobile house.

Tiny mobile home closet #1 tiny mobile home closet #2 Tiny mobile home hanging area

Looking at the first picture on the left. this is a very tiny closet that houses mainly stuff that you might need at your bedside, also stuff you would find in the bathroom (toothbrush and toothpaste) as well as exercise equipment and bottle of water.  This little chubbie hole isn't much more over eighteen inches high by eighteen inches wide by eighteen inches deep.  This little chubbie hole is located at the head of my bed.

The second picture is of the chubbie hole (closet) located at the foot of my bed.  Here is where I role my clothing and stack it in a somewhat organized pile with jeans on the bottom and shirts on the top.  My undergarments are located hanging across the chubbie hole on a bungee cord, and no I did not take any pictures of them.

The third picture is where I have bungee cord hanging from left to right behind my human catcher. There I hang my jackets and coats, once in a while a shirt or two.   You might also notice a white, ringed hanger, which I use to hang my small, round suction cup mirror on a bungee cord in the front of the bed when I need it.  

Now if you study the next row of pictures you might find I used bungee cords in a very fascinating way.

hair brush tiny mobile home bedroom lighting Tiny mobile home foot of bed

In the first picture of this row you will notice my hair brush.  I have my hair brush wedged in between my cubbie hole and ceiling.  Now you can also see two wonderful bungees, one that wraps around the closet (blue bungee) and one that travels from the closet to the human catcher (green bungee).  Hanging from the blue bungee is my wash cloth.  What you don't see is my small hand towel which is just a little bit to far right to be in the picture.  On the green bungee there is a bag with small things that hang just over my head when I sleep.

In the second picture is my bedroom light.  Even a tiny home needs light to see especially at night.  

In the third picture you can see my purse that hangs from the bungee running across the bottom of my bed.  My travel mug hangs from the human catcher and there is a small black bag which holds those unmentionable I said I didn't have any pictures of.  Notice the small snap on window covering at the bed.  There is actually two windows in my tiny home bunk, one at the bottom of the bed and the other at the head of the bed.  You can also notice some clothing on the left side of this picture, I have a bungee cord running in the front of my bed across the ceiling which allows me to hang my dressy clothing.

Below is my last bunch of pictures of my sleeping area.  The  pictures of the lower bunk, fridge and solid hanging closet is still on one of my camera's and as soon as I can offload them onto my computer I will post another page with them on it.  

tiny bed head window tiny mobile home foot of bed

So now this brings us to my last set of bedroom pictures.  This is the had of my bed ... sorry the pictures are of poor quality.  If you look at the top right hand corner you will notice my cup holder behind the plastic bag.  I was very messy that morning and forgot to tuck my newspapers behind my chubbie.  You can also see my window all snapped up just behind my pillows.  

In the other picture you can see my vent for heat or air conditioning.  Look to the left of my purse hanging up and you will see a wee vent, although not the only vent in my upper bunk area.  

Now that you have had a look at my living quarters, you have to admit it's quite a cute place to live and very functional.  A tiny house can be a very good house although running water would be an asset.  Can't wait to show you more pictures in the next little while.  Keep an eye open for new links.  I'll do my best to let people on my twitter and Facebook know when they are live on the web.  

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