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Honoring: Mr. Sidney Poitier

Originally Posted: March 23, 2007@ 3:14 pm

I think that there was something very important about Sidney Poitier and very few have focused on. Sidney is truly an actor and entertainer but in many ways he is also a subtle activist.

He was born in Miami Florida, on February 20, 1927. Miami was not to be his hometown as Sidney parents relocated and raised in the Bahamas. With his parents being poor and tomato farmers, Sidney had many obstacles to overcome. Hardship may have been significant to his character building and a driving point for him. His father was also a great influence on him, and this made Sidney wanted to perform at his best, in honor of his father and the family name.

At the age of fifteen, Sidney returned to Miami where he resided with his brother Cyril. After his sixteenth birthday, he joined the US army and served for a shot time. Leaving the army, Sidney located to New York where he began his career in acting. Sidney?s first audition, was at the American Negro Theater. His first audition didn?t go well, due to his poor reading skills and his accent. This did not discourage but only made him more determined to succeed. He spent much time listening to radio and used it as a tool to improve his english. He was successful with his effort, and he managed to land a job as the janitor at the very same theater. The janitorial position allowed him to exchange his services for free acting lessons. In time, Sidney Poitier did become the actor that he had set out to be.

Sidney Poitier worked very hard to be the best black actor on the screen. Although there were other black performers, Sidney did earn the title of being the first black actor to win an Oscar award and as a influential black man, he made certain to star in films that would break new ground and encourage racial harmony.

As a child, I watched a few of the films Mr. Poitier starred in. I was very young and very impressionable when I first watched To Sir With Love. Although I really didn?t understand the many different messages the movie contained, I did enjoy the movie just the same. That was my very first Sidney Poitier movie and it was not my last.

Sidney isn?t just an actor and activist, he is also a director, producer and writer. The one memorable film he directed was Ghost Dad, starring Bill Cosby. Although that was the most memorable film for me, the many others he directed were incredible works, which starred some very famous actors/actresses.

I was hoping to direct you to some free viewing of films staring Sidney Poitier, but it seems availability of them on the net is very limited. Youtube does offer short clips but if you would prefer to purchase some, you can check out the links below. Whether you purchase any films or not, the link should provide you with a list of films starring Sidney Poitier.

Sidney Poitier Movies

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