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Honoring:  Mr. Sean Connery

Originally Posted: July 25, 2007 @ 12:06 am

Born August 25, 1930, Thomas Sean Connery grew up in Edinburg Scotland. His parents, Joe and Euphemia, both of laboring class, had provided Thomas with a good, supporting and loving home. In spite of being raised in poverty, fate not only made him a sexy famous actor but he received awards in France, (Legion D’Honeur and the Commandeur des Arts and des Lettres) as well as given knighthood by the British Government, in July 2002.

Trying to make his way through life, he joined the Royal Navy at the age of 15. The career as a navy man did not work out for him and he was discharged due to a stomach ulcers, which left him to seek employment in many other fields. Holding down a few jobs, he had very little time for himself but he did manage to develop his body.

In 1953, Thomas Connery’s placed third in the tall mans division in a Mr. Universe contest. By advice of Johnny Isaacs, a fellow competitor, Thomas Connery auditioned for the stage production of the South Pacific. From that point on, Thomas Connery landed acting positions for television shows, stage performances and eventually films.

Years passed and Mr. Connery had been awarded the role of James Bond over the many other well known performers. Playing James Bond, gave him recognition for his acting abilities as well as his other physical attributes. Mr. Connery played the character of James Bond in several movies till 1983 when he finally felt he was ready to walk away from the role .

James Bond was just one of the few parts he was famous for and in a variety of movies he gained fans from all different walks of life. Characters such as a Russian sub commander, Robin and Marian, Dragonheart and countless others, only supports the fact he is an adaptable actor of extraordinary talent.

Some of my favorite movies with Sean Connery are: Darby O’Gill an the Little People, First Knight, Sword of The Valiant.

I have many favorite actors and many favorite movies but Mr. Connery has been many characters in a lot of the movies I most favor. Enjoy your retirement Sir Sean Connery, it’s well deserved.

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