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Honoring: Ms. Phyllis Diller

Originally Posted: May 10, 2007 @ 6:22 pm

Phyllis Ada Diver was born on July 17, 1917 in Lima, Ohio. Although it was not evident during her early years, this remarkable woman would play an important role to so many people.

In 1939, while attending school at Chicago's Sherwood Music Conservatory, Phyllis Ada Diver married her first husband Sherwood Diller. Although this put a temporary hold on her music career, it was an important part for her development as a female stand up comedy entertainer.

After several years of marriage and a few children later, Phyllis applied for a job at an advertising department for a California department store. With quick wit and snappy lines, she was a hit among the customers in the grocery line. She was not limited to just cracking jokes at her job, she was also a hit at the PTA, church and any other social function she attended. Her husband Sherwood Diller was a driving force behind her and encouraged her to take her comedy further.

By 1955, Phyllis Diller made her first debut at a San Francisco night club, the Purple Onion. Not only was this club where she made her debut, she was also a regular there and appeared on their stage over eighty times.

From guest appearance on the Jack Paar's Tonight Show, game show contestant on You Bet Your Life and many night club performances, Phyllis Diller had managed to catch the interest of Bob Hope, and it was just a matter of time before the friendship was forged. The two of them played along side each other in different movies but the one most important and very significant thing they did was, perform for the troops in Vietnam.

Phyllis Diller made many contributions over the years. She was a mother, comedienne, concert pianist for ten years, a star on Broadway, theaters, movies, television and more. She was a pioneer for woman to perform comedy, an encouragement for woman whom felt their beauty was inferior and she inspired so many woman who entered into the entertainment world. Phyllis Diller also holds the title in the world book or records for delivering twelve punch lines per minute.

Although there is so much more about this woman that should be said, I would like to suggest you buy a copy of her autobiography "Like a Lampshade in a Whorehouse". I will be adding a link soon to where you can purchase it for a bargain price.

I hope you have enjoyed my little article on this wacky and yet precious woman. She is a woman that should be acknowledged for her role in so very much.

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