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The Unforgettable: Mr. Paul Newman

Originally Posted: July 9, 2007 @ 10:24 pm

On January 26, 1925, in Shaker Heights Ohio, a Hollywood sex symbol was born. Paul Leonard Newman, son of Arthur and Theresa Newman, grew up in Shaker Heights, graduated from high school, was a short term student of Ohio University at Athens and served in the navy during World War II. After returning from war, he received an athletic scholarship to Kenyon College In Gambier Ohio. Although he started out as an athlete, he ended up majoring in drama and graduated with a English BA in 1949.

In 1950 he had managed to meet, marry and have a child with actress Jackie Witte. Together the two of them created their first son Scott in the same year. In that very same year, Paul?s father passed away leaving him half owner of the family sporting good store. Although the store would have offered stability in his life for him and his family, Paul chose to sell his half to his brother and move to New Haven, Connecticut.

In 1952, not long after the move he and his wife now had two daughters, Stephanie and Susan. Paul still had not started his career as an actor and the pressure was on for him to make his leap into fame. Luckily the time did come during one of his trips to New York, where he was hired to play a recurring part in The Aldrich Family. This set things in motion for him and he moved his family to New York. Right after the move, he was accepted at the well known Actors Studio where he studied The Method, under Lee Strasberg and Elia Kazan.

Within a year of studying at the Actors Studio, Paul won his first Theater World Award and was also discovered by Warner Brothers. This lead him to Hollywood but that was a total failure and after only one film he returned to New York with his family. New York?s television industry was very good to him, but he did end up returning to Hollywood where again he had to face another flop. Finally by the age of 31, his Hollywood luck had changed and he landed the role of Rocky Graziano in, Somebody Up There Likes Me.

Finally hitting success in his career, his marriage to Jackie Witte came to an end. During the filming of The Long Hot Summer, he and his co star Joanne Woodward had become involved. Only one year after his divorce from Jackie, he and Joanne would wed. Joanne and Paul went on to create a family of their own with three daughters.

For many years, Paul Newman starred with many big name performers. The screen treated him well and so did his marriage. Unfortunately in 1978, Paul?s lost his first born and only son to drug overdose. Having set up the Scott Newman Foundation, the loss to his son was very traumatic and may have caused his career to slow down for a few years.

In 1981, Paul once again manage to dazzle his fans and continued to do so till he announced his retirement on May 25, 2007.

Update: Mr. Paul Newman passed away on September 26,2008 from cancer. He was eighty three years old.

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