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Honoring: Mr. James Earl Jones

Originally Posted: May 23, 2007 @ 8:25 pm

James Earl Jones was born in Arkabutla Township, Mississippi on January 17,1931. Robert Earl Jones, natural father to James, abandoned his family responsibilities prior to the birth of his son, and for the first five years his mother, Ruth Williams raised him on her own. Around the age of five, James was sent to live grandparent's farm in Jackson Michigan. Eventually, his grandparents adopted him and he was raised as one of their own.

James developed a stutter as an affect from the trauma he felt when he moved from Mississippi to Michigan. The stutter was so severe, James would not communicate orally and lived as a mute for many years until high school. Donald Crouch, a high school teacher had discovered that James had a unique talent for writing poetry. James wrote a poem, Ode to Grapefruit and Mr. Crouch was impressed with it. Using Ode to Grapefruit as a tool, Mr. Crouch told James to prove he was the true author of the poem by reciting it. James stood up and recited the poem perfectly, without any stutter. Although years have passed, James still has a stutter problem but is able to work around it magnificently.

After high school, James entered the University of Michigan. He and his uncle Randy were the first of the family to further their education. James had chose to study medicine but before his senior year, he had switched to drama where he excelled. In the mid 50's, he had finished University and enrolled in the ROTC. It was the 60's when James had left the Army and returned to New York where he finally was able to pursue his career in the theater.

Although James Earl Jones is noted for his wonderfully deep baritone voice, he has also holds Emmy Awards for being an outstanding lead actor, outstanding supporting actor, outstanding performer, and two Tony Awards for best leading actor.

The list of movies he had performed in is too large for me to list here, I would like to just name a few of my favorites.

* Conan the Barbarian
* The Sand Lot
* Sommersby

I look forward to seeing more future movies starring this wonderful actor and I hope I have been able to give him the tribute he is deserving of.

James Earl Jones Movies

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