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Honoring: Mr. Jack Nicholson

Originally Posted: April 12, 2007 @ 8:41 pm

On April 22, 1937, John Joseph Nicholson was born at St. Vincent's Hospital, New York City. His real mother was only 17 when she fell in love and became pregnant by her already married lover. Although they tried to marry and make their son legitimate, their efforts were in vain and June ( Jack's real mother) was sent to her cousin's until after the baby was born. Returning to Neptune, New Jersey, Jack was then raised by his grandmother, whom assumed the role as his natural mother. None of this was revealed to him until 1974, when a journalist had been researching Jack, to do a feature story on him.

At the age of seventeen, after graduating from high school, Jack Nicholson had moved to California. Originally he had planned to return back east and further his education but that never transpired. He remained in California where he worked as an office boy, at MGM's cartoon department. After spending some time at Jeff Corey's renowned acting class, his acting career began. It was a bumpy ride for him at first and it also lead him into many different paths, including screen writing.

While researching Mr. Jack Nicholson, I had to admire the high number of search results he has on google. I can actually say, Mr. Nicholson earned all those results personally. The words "Starring Jack Nicholson" has been printed across many movie labels and attracted many of his fans to the theaters. He starred in many hits and earned each and every award and nomination associated with is acting career.

I have always been a Jack Nicholson fan. I can still remember his part in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and how I had great compassion for his character. His role in, The Shining scared me and he made me laugh when he played Dr. Buddy Rydell in the movie, Anger Management.

Jack Nicholson has played a variety of personalities, some so tender and warm, some so crazy and funny and some criminal. He is a very universal actor and his physical appearance is very supporting to each and ever character he played. His talent and wit is admired and loved by many of his fans.

It is expected that there will be a new movie released starring Jack Nicholson. The movie title is "The Bucket List" and I expect this to be yet, another hit film for Mr. Nicholson and he will leave his fans begging for more.

Normally at the end of my tributes, I would suggest seeing a few films from the actor or actress I was honoring. In the case of Jack Nicholson, I can not do that. The fact is, the list would be so very vast and I can not pick only a few. He is a very good actor and all his films are worth seeing. The link below will lead you to a site offering to sell you these films. I can suggest you use the list from the site and search to see what films you have enjoyed in the past and what films you may not have seen yet.

Jack Nicholson, I doubt you would ever run into this page but if you did … thank you. I have enjoyed many of the movies you starred in and I look forward to many more.

Jack Nicholson Movies

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