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The Unforgettable Farrah Fawcett

Originally Posted: February 2010

Farrah pictute compliments of Blond, beautiful and full of life, that is how we will always remember Farrah Leni Fawcett. Farrah emerged into our hearts and homes like a diamond in the rough. Born on February 2, 1947 in Corpus Christie Texas, daughter to James William Fawcett, an oil field contractor and Pauline Alice a homemaker. Neither of Farrah's parents had any ties with the movie industry but like all gems, it was only a matter of time before she would be discovered.

Farah held the title of the most beautiful student in high school, yet it never interfered with her decision to pursue a career that didn't revolve around her alluring appearance. After Farrah graduated high school, she entered the University of Texas to study microbiology. It was as university student that the course of her life would change and she would later become one of America's sexy and glamorous actresses. According to the mini biography at IMB, Farrah won the campus beauty contest where she was discovered by an agent. Enticed by the idea of being a star, Farrah Fawcett moved to Los Angeles and soon after she was introduced to television viewers through a series of product commercials. In the late 1960's and early 1970's, Farrah guest starred in different shows such as The Flying Nun, Mayberry R.F.D., I dream of Jeannie, McCloud and countless others. Each small role she played had helped to propel her into stardom. By 1976, Farrah had been truly noticed by the audience when she stepped into the role as Jill Munroe on Charlie's Angels. Farrah's presence on televisions dominated style, fashion and the sensual world.

The Farrah Fawcett look created the hair trend of the late 70's. Farrah's flipped back, winged and layered look became the most sought after style by many young woman. Due to Farrah's sex symbol status, Farrah popularity was mainly centered around her looks and her true talent as a actress took the back seat. Farrah was the fantasy girl for many men, the trend setter of woman's hairstyles and sex symbol of the 70's. Farrah's personal life was far from perfect.

From 1973 till 1982, Farrah was married to Lee Majors. In 1982, Farrah became involved with Ryan O'Neal, but their relationship lacked the stability that could have been more supportive to Farrah's career. In 1985, Farrah gave birth to her only child, Redmond James Fawcett O'Neal. Although still too early to tell, Redmond has not seriously pursued a career in acting. Farrah's son may have contributed to some of the turmoil in her life but, her last message to him was of love, "The greatest gift of my life was to be your mother. By leaving you behind I hope you will be able to work out all your troubles and grow as a person." [1]

After the 1970's, Farrah's seemed to fade out of the limelight, taking a few role here and there. In 1984, Farrah played the role of Francine Hughes in The Burning Bed. Her role as the battered house was one of the most dramatic roles of her career. Only two years after her notable performance as Francine Hughes, she was cast as the character of Marjorie in the 1986 sensational film, Extremities. The Burning Bed and Extremities set the journey for Farrah, opening the door to many other emotionally impacting roles till her last film before her death.

On June 25, 2009, Farrah passed away leaving behind one last film. Farrah's two hour movie documentary was the most given and personal role Farrah had ever played. The last two years of her life, the fight against cancer, the small wins and the major defeats were all caught on tape, exposing the real woman for who she was, allowing her fans to be a part of the last days of her life. Farrah left behind intimate details of her fight with cancer, full of emotion and sadness as the end of her battle drew near, public and without shame. Farrah was only 62 years old when her life came to a close. She was an unforgettable woman, beautiful and talented. May we remember her with fondness

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