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Honoring:  Ms. Betty White

Originally Posted: April 1, 2007 @ 9:02 pm

This tribute is about a lovely, kind, warm and beautiful woman that has the ability to put a smile on my face, even as I type this. I would like to show honor to the very beautiful Betty White.

Betty White was one of the first pioneers of television and has spent a major part of her life entertaining. She has always remained in the view of her fans and even to date, she is now a member of the Bold and Beautiful cast.

At the Smithsonian Institute in 1995, Betty White was asked what character she played that was most like herself. With wit and tact, Betty replied, ?When I was doing Sue Ann Nevins, who was a dynamite home economist ?.. who also happened to be a nymphomaniac, they would ask my husband Allen Luden that question, and Allen would say they are the same person but Betty can?t cook. ? Betty feels that she is a split between Sue Ann from, The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1973-1977), Shirley from, Maybe This Time (1995-1996), and Rose Nylund from, the Golden Girls.

Betty White played in a great number of movies, television series and game shows. My personal favorite game show would be Match Game PM. I had always looked forward to seeing Betty, Charles Nelson, Brett Somers and Richard Dawson on stage. When you would see those four in the line up, you knew you were in for some great chuckles.

Although Betty White starred in a number of movies, the one most memorable for me would be Lake Placid. After seeing Betty as Rose on the Golden Girls, this was a must see movie for me. She pulled off the character as Mrs. Delores Bickerman with ease and I was so astonished at how she was so comfortable with the part.

As most people know, Betty White is an animal lover and has been for many years. In 2006, Betty White was honored by the Los Angeles Zoo and at the ceremony she was named as ?Ambassador to Animals?. Betty has been involved in the spcaLA, and a trustee for the Morris Animal Foundation for over 30 years.

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