Success and Being Successful

Is there a Stigma with Success?

When we hear let's make America Great again, to me that means more Americans will become successful again. When people become successful they can afford nicer things and live in a manner that reflects their status. We all would love to live in luxorious homes, eat better food and drive nicer cars. Homes are not a problem, food is available however nice cars that have a unique look and comfortable seating are now in the past. Todays makes, models and styles of cars look the same and have the "sit on the floor" type of seating, they are compact, many are hatchbacks, and there is no individuality to them. We no longer see the individuality of the Rolls-Royce, the Jaguar, the Maserati. Most cas look like they rolled off the same assembly line and made by the same makers using a prototype with the same simularity. I am striving for a better life and I want to drive a car that says "I made it and worked very hard to do it!" I would love to drive something like the 1930 Packard Phaeton, the 1913 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, a 1933 Duesenberg Model J or a 1989 AMO Zil 41502. Oh, I can only dream. Those models are no longer being made, there is no classy cars being made today, nothing of stature and nothing with a unique style. Here's a thought, let's make cars great again. Let's bring back the class, let's bring back the elegance and let's bring back the pride.

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Take a look at this beauty - A 1989 AMO Zil 41502 - This is a car of true elegance.

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When you watch some of the older movies with settings in high society, you don't see a compact car, often you see a Bently, Rolls-Royce or Cadillac. Talk about a teaser. You can only dream to own something with class or you have to buy a classic. I hope that as we make America great again, car companies might revisit the past and make cars great again.
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My New Moto

Don't buy a car just because of it's name, buy the car that makes the right impression.
Everyday I go to work. Everyday I strive just to make a few dollars. It's my dream to finally succeed and have a nice nest egg. Before I die, I would love to own a shiny, prestegious Classic Bently. This would be my way to make a statement to the world "I am successful and worth something".
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