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You Don't Have To Starve To Lose Weight
Do the Diet

Do you find it hard to stick to a diet? Are you hungry while on a diet? Do you jump from one fad diet to another and quit because of disappointment? If you answered yes to any of these questions then maybe it's time to try something new. Join me in my diet and see how well you do. I know I need to lose a few pounds and traveling the way I do, I just don't have the time to exercise, I spend countless hours sitting and to make things worse I don't have the shopping stops available to get any diet foods. Read on my friends as I believe this diet is also for you.

In The Beginning

      I just love this part. The first thing on your agenda is to go to the store and buy sticky labels. Buy lots of them because you will be using them all. One you are back at home you will start by writing on each and every label. One you have completed that you then need to go through your cupboards, pantry, fridge, freezer and cabinets. Where ever you keep food you need to start tagging it. Every loaf of bread, pasta and products made of flour, every sugary food and drink, every can of cream soup, all processed meats, and any think that needs to be deep fried must have a tag on it. The tag must read - POISON Do Not Eat. Will Kill You In The End. Below is an illistration of how your tags need to look.

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Amp Up Your Day With A Healthy Serving Of Eggs the Diet Way

Eggs are on the menu for this diet. Every morning if you want eggs, they are yours for the taking. Now if you are wondering if there is there a catch, well yes there is. You can have only one yolk and all the egg whites you want (within reason). Breakfast is a vital part of your day and the last thing you want to do is go hungry. Oh yeah one more thing, no wheat bread with those eggs. Here is a you tube recipe for some healthier bread, just remember moderation.

Here Is The Diet Do's

Do have two servings a day of vegetables. Each serving is basically one cup of veggies sliced. If you are going to have mini carrots, then only fourteen carrots. Corn only one half cup every couple of days and snow peas or sugar peas, one forth of a cup at a time. Click this link and you will see a vast list of vegetables that is okay for. Make a visit to you tube and search for tasty vegetable recipes that will keep you eating healthy with veggies.
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Go Lean With Meats

Lean meats are the best meats. Palm sized portions are very important unless you are eating Cornish hens. Also remember no skin allowed unless it happens to be fish. Steak is okay, pork is fine, no gravy and be very careful with the sauces. Make your own sauce and stay away from flour and starch. Did I hear someone say something about potatoes? Sure you can half a forth of a potato. Baked or boiled is the only way to go. Deep fried potatoes is a very big no no on this diet.

Be Wary with Dairy When Dieting

Two or three glasses of skimmed milk a day is okay if you like that stuff. You can also have two small slices of block cheddar cheese or a half cup of yogart everyday. Ice cream is a diet no no unless that is what you want to reward yourself with on that special day of the month. Cottage cheeze and sour cream, keep to the one tablespoon rule and not more than once a week.

Alcohol And Your Diet

It's not the alcohol, it's the mix. Alcohol in moderation would be okay but mix it with water. One small glass of wine is fine from time to time. When it comes to beer, don't you dare. Beer is packed with all sorts of things that will set your weightloss back and sink your diet. Besides, if you drink, you will snack and we really want to get away from that.

It's Forbidden And It's Not Fruit

Write this down! All flour products are FORBIDDEN. All sugary goods including soft drinks are FORBIDDEN. All pasta made with flour is FORBIDDEN. All cream soups are FORBIDDEN. All deep fried foods are FORBIDDEN. All processed meats are FORBIDDEN. If you don't have them tagged then get up and do it now. Give away your forbidden foods. Temptation is going to be there if you keep it in your house so help out a friend in need and load up the boxes. O.o Don't be afraid to put those potato ships in the box, they will eventually call to you and mess up your diet. Also plan one day a month to go to a local restaurant for a piece of cake or pie after you weighed yourself. We need rewards for all the changes we have made. Diets aren't easy and neither is being over weight!!!