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Moosegal Is On The Move

    Moosegal is on the move?  I bet you are wondering what that means.  Well to be honest it just means that I am roaming the Northern Ontario and Canada.  Moosegal has found a set of wheels with a driver that loves to travel.  When I am sitting in the passengers seat I scout the side of the road looking for signs of moose and once in a while I am fortunate enough to spot one (very rare).  When I am driving, I am hoping not to spot any moose.  Well to be honest, the moose population had dropped off considerable.

New Help Article - Diet With Me.      Come check out the moose files.  Coming soon->pictures of the roads traveled.

Coming Soon ..... articles from concerts.     Check out my selection of articles.

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I have some great pictures and I have completed the article about my Tiny house.   Click the link near the picture to see my bed/closet and human catcher.    

Travelling in My Tiny Home__Click here to read the article
A car with class   Click here to read the article

Oh one more thing:  I have now added links and ads to this site.  They will be pertent to content and articles.  You might find them informative and helpful too.  

Moosegal Wonders About The Double Edged Sword

I am a tree hugger.  I love the wilderness and all the creatures that lurk within.  There is a double edge sword when it comes to our wilderness.  We need trees to breathe.  We need to preserve our wilderness but we also need to log.  Our furniture is often made from wood.  To create plastic furniture we need oil and our planet is on a very low supply of it.  We also use wood for heating.  Wood is an essential part of our existence and replenishable,  we can plant new trees to replace what we cut down. Forestry management is very vital to the whole operation and as a people it is not just the responsibility of the government but also on an individual level.   

Moosegal's New Career Move
I have left my former career and I am literally on the move.  Watch this site
for new pictures of my experience on the road after I get a new camera.  My pictures suck.

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my computer to viruses.  This year, the virus situation is
way out of control and although many site owners do their best to
stay virus free, it does happen.  As a result, I may end up making my
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Hey Tweet me.  I am The Moosegal on twitter.  Although I am on the road, I will check in from time to time and respond.


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